Maasai Bible Initiative

Join us in our mission to spread the Gospel and empower the Maasai people with the Word of God. Our Maasai Bibles Initiative aims to distribute 1000 Bibles, planting eternal seeds of hope, faith, and spiritual growth. Together, we can create a powerful impact on this beautiful community.

Food Drive

According to the United Nations, around 2.9 million people in the affected regions are in urgent need of aid, and more than half a million children are acutely malnourished.
As a result of the drought, tens of thousands of farm animals have starved to death, pastures have withered and wells have dried up. We cannot stand by and watch.

Oncology Ward Care Packages

Children fighting cancer are often abandoned for long periods of time at Kenyatta National Hospital, spending up to a year in the hospital at any one time. Furthermore, the children we want to support come from low-income backgrounds and are sometimes unable to cater to basic living expenses.