Oncology Ward Care Packages

Children fighting cancer are often abandoned for long periods of time at Kenyatta National Hospital, spending up to a year in the hospital at any one time. Furthermore, the children we want to support come from low-income backgrounds and are sometimes unable to cater to basic living expenses. With this in mind, Hands of Grace Kenya has organised for 60 care packages to be delivered to the paediatric oncology ward of one of our partner hospitals.

We have so much to be thankful for, help us give and get involved by giving $113 to support each child. We previously spent the day visiting with children at the pediatric oncology ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital during which time we will read to them, play with them and pray for them.

We will also distribute care packages to each child containing:

  • National Health Insurance Cover for 12 months
  • Bible
  • Coconut milk powder which helps with the children’s nutrition while they are undergoing treatment
  • Vaseline petroleum jelly
  • Toothbrush
  • Bar of soap
  • Story book
  • Crayons & colour pencils
  • Drawing/colouring books

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