How to know your purpose

Part of having a successful life is knowing your purpose. God chose you and then He set up a purpose for you. People will not know God, without you. People will not experience the love of God, without his children expressing His love. God’s love will last forever.

Your purpose is to be fruitful. You may have things that you need in your life, and when you ask according to the purpose that God has for your life, He gives it to you.
I am created to be fruitful. I am created to love.

You may be lacking or in need, the chances are that you are not operating in His purpose. So, any time you see lack in your life, pause, look to the word for where you are supposed to be, and align yourself with what the Holy Spirit tells you. Consult God on what you are supposed to be doing. God does not play games with your purpose, and he does not hide it from you. Your loving father has given you everything that you need, right now, for what you need to get done for the purpose that He has given you.

Your needs will be met if you are in alignment with what God has for you.

Be careful to not abuse the phrase “in Jesus’ name” when you are declaring things. “In Jesus’ name” means “as His representative”. So, when you make requests and declarations, you are representing Jesus and all that he stands for. Jesus had a heart of a servant, and not to be served. His heart was set on sacrifice, and not getting all that he can get. “In Jesus’ name” means “God, not my will but your will be done”

Let your desires become his desires and you will have the mindset as a representative of Christ. Consult the Holy Spirit on what he wants and make your requests known to God in alignment with this.

God has planted you where God wants you to be, so take root. You cannot have fruit, because you have not taken root. You may struggle to be successful because you may be looking to be somewhere else, but God has called you to a specific place to be rooted and fruitful.

You have received complete healing and wholeness in your spirit, soul, and body.
God gave them power to get things done, and the authority to do it.
I am blessed. I am empowered to be fruitful.
Everything that God tells you to do will involve sharing and spreading his love somehow and will include you walking in authority. God will make you the authority over all that you need to get done.

If you are going to be successful, you must be confident that all that you need will be taken care of. Most of the time, what gets God’s people off their course is that they focus on what they may see, and they may see a lack in their resources. People often look at what God has told them to do through their own human lenses. However, be confident and trust God that He has you taken care of.

Everyone has the need to:

  • Have purpose
  • Be accepted
  • Be safe and secure
  • Have our physical needs met (food, water, and shelter)
Your purpose is not by your doing, but by the doing of the Lord.
God loved us and chose us. God secured you because of His love. God will not let you fall to the wayside. Do not buy into the lie that you are not qualified, you have no purpose, and you are not accepted.

We are called to be fruitful. We, however, are not called to have dominion over people and what they do. Just as God is renewing your sinful mind, so is he with your neighbor. Be careful to not condemn God’s children and those who He is calling back to Himself. Instead of condemning your neighbor who may be different from you, ask them if they know God’s love and acceptance. If they do not, share it with them.

Satan has no authority over you. You are the king and queen who has authority. Your foundational purpose is to spread the love of God.

Where can you start practicing sharing the love of God? (spouse, children, family members, job, school, etc)