It’s Out of Your Hands

Jesus overcame the world, and now we do not have to worry. It is out of our hands because it was nailed to His hands. It took it from our hands and nailed them to His. He did the work, became the sacrifice, and His blood washed us clean.

God could not be with the disciples until peace was made between God and man through Jesus’ sacrifice. Now, “peace be with you” meant that they were then able to receive the Holy Spirit. Once they believed, they positioned themselves to receive the Holy Spirit. When we understand that it is out of our hands, we are able to sit in the presence of God, release the worries of life from our hands, and be free to receive from Him.

Jesus overcame sin and did the work for us, so we did not have to. So now, when we come to God with the cares and concerns of the world and sin we are coming with full hands that contain things that Jesus already took care of on the cross. Our responsibility is to cast these cares on Jesus and come to God with empty hands to receive help, wisdom, and provision from Him.

Ways to Stay Care-Free:

  • Control what you can control. (Philippians 3:13-14)
  • Reject worry. Even though it may knock on your door, don’t let it in. (Psalms 23:4)
  • Recall His promises. (Psalms 91)
  • Rest in His promises.

We have to make the decision to trust, believe, and love God- then we will obey Him. We may be holding onto our cares because it is what we see, however, even though we see trouble in the natural, our victory is already done in the spirit realm. We must decide to have faith.