How to Flow in God’s Timing - Part 1

When it comes to your life, God has a perfect timing. Do you have perfect equipping and positioning so that you can be where He needs you to be, when He needs you to be there?

Perfect equipping and positioning prepares you to be in alignment with God’s timing. When you are in alignment with God’s timing, you reach the destination(s) He has prepared for you. God has prepared a destination of healing, prosperity, promotion, etc. In the past, due to poor positioning and equipping, we may have missed these destinations due to misalignment with God’s perfect timing. By flowing in God’s timing, you will never miss another destination again.

To flow in God’s timing means to simply operate by His direction, and His direction alone.

God is Spirit and does not have to operate in time and space, but we do! Likewise, He does not have to operate in timing, but the manifestation of our blessing does. In God’s perspective, you are healed right now. However, the manifestation of this healing is imparted to us at a specific time in our lives.

Timing – the choice, judgment, or control, of when something should be done.

  • God has already chosen when you are healed. (right now)
  • There has been judgment passed on your prosperity.
  • Someone is in control of when every good thing will be done in your life. (God)

Operating by God’s choice, judgment, and control means we are operating in His timing.

Timing – a particular point or period of time when something happens.

God stepped into time and space as Jesus the Living Word. God became man, came into time and space, and made manifest His plan and purpose through Him. God also imparted to us the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, to guide and direct our every step. God lives in us, telling us what He wants us to do, right now–allowing us to operate in God’s timing.

When we realize that the Holy Spirit lives in us, grace has been imparted to us, and He is speaking to us in the context of our current time, it is then that we receive God’s wisdom for our lives. Now, we can flow with His direction and operate in His timing.

As we stay submitted humbly in His plan, leaning upon His grace, we can remain in the flow of His timing for us. Each person has their own individual flow of timing that God has designed for them.

  • Do not trust what you think, trust what God said. If He does not say anything, do not do anything.
  • The pressure of the flesh, environment, or situation may want to influence you to begin to trust what you are seeing and feeling, but trust the last thing that God told you to do.

I will remain with God and I will end up at the destinations He has designed for me.

Do you trust that God has you? Do you know that God will show up on time, every time? Since joy is based on what you know, are you remaining in joy while you are trusting in God?

When you are flowing in God’s timing, there will be things that will try to distract you from the true God. Can you recognize God? Recognizing God means to know the truth about Him. If you find yourself in a situation or environment where you cannot recognize Him, take a moment to pray and set the Holy Spirit and angels loose to direct and make straight your way.

When we do not trust God, we become stressed out. The stress physically shows up in our body and mind, but when we do trust Him, it keeps our souls and bodies healthy.

There is worldly wisdom and Godly wisdom. There are multiple ways to do something, but there is only one way that is God’s perfect way. This is what we seek in every area of our life. We have access to the God who has designed our future. Through acknowledging Him, we have access to His wisdom for our lives.

We can gain understanding and insight from God’s word. God’s word is the scripture, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and the revelation of Jesus Christ. Your situation, circumstances, and environment, can speak to you, but we must only allow the word to speak to us.

When we operate in God’s timing and wisdom, we find favor and it will cause our journey to be pleasant. Arrest your thoughts by realigning yourself with the truth about

God and the pleasant journey that God has you on. Declare that you are on a path of peace.


I have paths of peace.

God has a plan, path, and flow that He has created for us that is good, pleasant, and gracious. Mature believers know how to wait on God, expect Him, and not step off the path. We are not supposed to live this life solely based off miracles and mercy, much rather we as believers are to operate based off God’s word and the manifestation of it in our lives.

How do we stay in the flow of God’s timing? Through the right equipping and positioning.

God has you so there is no need to worry just because you are waiting and receiving–much rather take refuge in Him. Spend time with God while you are waiting. Keep your eyes on Him. Recognize Him. Acknowledge Him. This truth will bring you peace.


movement from one place to another in a continuous or steady stream.

We must humble ourselves, setting aside our personal knowledge, and submitting ourselves to His flow. If I am going trust God, I have to trust the tide, current, and flow of His plan. It is our choice to release all personal responsibility of getting ourselves to where we need to be, and to step into the flow of God’s timing. Now, we show up, let Him move us, and let His flow take us to the destination of His provision, blessing, favor, and purpose.

How to Flow in God’s Timing - Part 2

When we flow in God’s timing with perfect equipping an positioning, we can look forward to His provision.

God’s timing is His choice. His timing is His judgement for something to take place. His timing is His control when something is to be done in our life. It is now a matter of time before His plan is made manifest in our lives if we trust His process and stay in His timing.

Continue to expect the manifestation with hope! It is the enemy’s plan to place distractions in front of us to rob us of our hope that fuels our expectation of God’s plan. The enemy’s goal is to make us believe that God is a liar who has forgotten about us–much rather the devil is a liar and God loves us, knows us by name, and has prepared a specific time for our manifestations to come.

We must now wait on God with patience. Patience is remaining consistent in our attitude based on what God promises. “I am willing to wait for what He said because I know it’s going to come to pass.”


I declare God’s plan will come to pass in my life. I declare that God’s will, will be done, in Jesus’ name. God’s will is good for me, perfect for me, and pleasing. I declare that my mind is renewed so that I may learn to know God’s will for my life. I will hear it, I will know it, and I will believe it. Amen.

It is important to line our minds back up to God’s word based on Philippians 4:8. When we think right, then we do right. And to think right, is to believe right. When I believe right, then we will speak right, and this will influence our actions to be aligned with the will of God for our lives. Confession is a tool that connects us to what God has already done. (It is not the source of the manifestation, much rather the instrument that helps us connect to the Source and keeps our minds connected)

We cannot change the way we think on our own. The only responsibility we have is to continue to believe more in God. It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to transform us. Am I letting, allowing, acknowledging God transforming me? Everyone is in a transformation process until the day Jesus returns. Get comfortable with changing for the better for the rest of our lives–we can take comfort in knowing that the responsibility for this change, transformation, and growth is on the Holy Spirit, however, it is our choice to let it happen. If we choose to not let it happen, then we will never experience the benefits of the results of the transformation. We often miss God’s timing, because we do not show up allowing Him to transform us so that we may know His will.

Do you respect God’s word and what He wants more than what you think? When we live with a lack of fear in God, then we often become stressed and physically ill. When we honor God and trust in Him, then we are at rest knowing that He has a perfect timing for our lives. This rest ultimately brings peace and health to our bodies.

We must first learn how to recognize and hear the voice of God that is in alignment with the written word of God and speaks to us. We must begin to practice the presence of God. This requires a daily relationship with God that requires us to have faith, believe, hear, and obey Him.

Maturity concerning our emotions and negative distractions in this daily life causes us to seek the voice of God in hard circumstances. Maturity simply looks like submitting our raw emotions to God and seeking His perspective for our circumstance. As we seek Him, He renews and transforms our minds.

  • Wait for God. God’s timing is not our timing. Be patient in the process that God has us in right now. God prepares us in this process to be prepared and equipped for the manifestation of His timing.
  • The pressure of the flesh, environment, or situation may want to influence you to begin to trust what you are seeing and feeling, but trust the last thing that God told you to do.
  • Keep your eyes focused on God. No matter what happens around us, we must remain focused on Him. Our environment may try to steal our focus, but those things do not hold the perfect flow and timing of our manifestations. In the end, as we remain focused on God, we will see the promises of God manifest in our lives.

How to Flow in God’s Timing - Part 3

If we make the choice to flow in God’s timing, then we must trust Him. In order to practice this trust, and show that we truly Trust God, we must obey Him.

We can know God, and know His voice, but we must acknowledge God as well. Acknowledging God allows Him to have the opportunity to influence our lives. What we pay attention to ultimately influences our lives. Once we choose to acknowledge God, we must recognize Him. When we recognize God, then we make His voice a priority.

We are called to trust God with our heart. Our heart is our mind, will, emotions, and decision maker. What our heart believes determines our positioning in life. The health state of our heart or mind determines our positioning in this lifetime. If our heart believes in God with a hopeful expectancy, then we will seek the positioning and placement that God wants us to be in.

Think of David in the Bible. God spoke to David and told him to refuse Saul’s armor and defeat Goliath with the tools that He provided him with. David knew God, recognized God, trusted Him, acknowledged Him, and believed in Him, which caused him to be positioned in the right place at the right time and in the right mindset –leading Him into the victory that God predestined.

Wisdom is a byproduct that we will have in the process of flowing in God’s timing. Wisdom is knowing what to do when we do not know what to do. As we obey God, He speaks and shows us what to do and when to do it. We only gain Godly wisdom when we trust and obey Him.

Often times, we try to work to cause the manifestations of God’s promises for ourselves. This leads us to exhaustion and overwhelming stress, denying us of the truth that God has promised us rest in the flow of His timing. God calls us to rest in relationship with Him. Through our relationship, we learn the rhythm and flow of His timing.
Be positioned in grace spiritually (salvation) , mentally (having the mind of Christ through the renewal by the Holy Spirit), and physically (fruitfulness – our lives producing the love of God to others)

Wrong equipping = wrong fitting. We will not fit in God’s timing if we are not properly equipped.

To be successful, we must operate in the wisdom and equipment that is God-made and not man-made. God has already prepared and promised us everything that we will need for every battle. (the armor of God)


I am made and designed by God.

If God is for us, nothing can stop us.

When God is for us, there is nothing to be afraid of because we cannot fail.


I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God and I trust in God’s design.