How To Have All Your Healing

All of you is healed. Right now. Your spirit, soul, and body is healed and there is nothing missing, lacking, or broken. This is settled. Right now. The devil has been defeated. By the blood of Jesus, you are healed. Right now. It is truth that you are healed.
Your body and soul are to prosper. Your physical and mental health are to prosper.

You were healed when Jesus received his stripes and when he bore our sickness and sin. God judges fairly. The punishment of sin and death was fair because your sin and death was transferred to Jesus.

If Jesus took your sin, sickness, shame, and death, what is trying to manifest itself in your life right now?

The enemy introduces unbelief in your life by causing you to pay attention to the symptoms of sicknesses and begin to doubt the healing that God has provided. However, these symptoms are just waiting on your belief to say the truth that God has gifted you with: you are healed.

Your day of testimony exists. Your day of manifestation exists. Are you willing to believe God all the way through your sickness, or will you allow doubt, fear, and unbelief to rob you of that day?

The dictionary definition of healed is- to become sound or healthy again. To alleviate a person’s distress or anguish. To correct or put right (an undesirable situation).

The Biblical definition of healed is- to make whole, to free from errors and sins, to bring about one’s salvation.

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Physical Healing
You have received complete healing and wholeness in your spirit, soul, and body.
The spirit of God has been given to you to produce healing in your life and soundness in your body and mind. A sound mind and body is a mind that is in its proper state and operates in the original way that it was created to.
Speak this confession
I have a sound mind in Jesus’ name. I have the ability to have a calm, well-balanced mind, and I have self-control. I am healed. I am whole, because of Jesus.
How do you have all your healing from God?
  • Establish that the healing God has given you is real
  • Establish that what Jesus did was real
  • Establish that you have it
Your healing is between you and your belief in what Jesus has done. The devil has no part in this. God has done everything that he is going to do concerning your healing. He has:
  • Healed your relationship with him. You are the righteousness of God
  • Healed your body by the stripes of Jesus
  • Healed your mind through the active renewal by the Holy Spirit

Time does not heal. Jesus does. The only time that is relevant to your healing is how long it takes you to believe that your spirit, mind, and body is healed.

In your prayer time, confess what God has said concerning your healing. Let God’s word be your reality.

“An encounter with Jesus always, always, always has the power to bring healing” Have you had an encounter with Jesus? We have encountered Jesus:

  • As the living word who is God’s love that has healed our relationship with God. God’s love in the flesh. (John 3:16)
  • As our example in the scriptures. We have healed thinking on how we should act and think every day
  • As our savior. The one who has delivered us from all sickness and disease. He has the power to heal and gave you the same power. (Matthew 8:16-17, Mark 16:15-18)

Those who pray for healing are those who do not know that God has healed them. God will hear these prayers from the unbeliever and transfer healing into their life, but the Good News must be preached to them. God has healed you and granted you authority over sickness so you can go and tell others about what God has done for them. Once they hear the Good News, healing is a sign that will follow their revelation of what Jesus did on the cross.

*If someone asks you about the principles of healing and you have yet to have revelation of it, go and pray in the Holy Spirit in your quiet time. The Holy Spirit on the inside of you knows how to intercede to God for their healing, even if you do not.*

Jesus secured your healing for you, but how can you see it all manifest your life.

If you obey God’s instructions for your healing and begin to take the practical steps of faith, healing will manifest in your life. In this story, the Samaritan is described as a foreigner, and the other nine men were men who should have known better. It does not matter your qualification, past, gender, or any other factor.

Healing is for all those who believe, but wholeness is for all those who:

  • Are thankful. (You might be the only person who praises God, but do not look at what others do)
  • Recognize God as the source of your results. (This comes from a renewed and humbled mind)
  • Are faithful
Be aware of the way of thinking that can blind you to all that God has for you. Negative emotions will lead you to a place of unbelief.
This is our original design. When God originally made man, he gave you everything you need.
Speak this confession
God provides all!
Trust God. Believe God. Expect healing. Thank God. Receive healing.