Kenya! Three Priority Projects

Hope for Cancer Kids


Is a motto by Hope for Cancer Kids, a Nairobi, Kenya charity. Hands of Grace will begin to support this project in 2022. The organization was formed by parents and friends of children diagnosed with cancer. It promotes and supports quality and affordable childhood and adolescent cancer care while creating awareness. Of the 3,000 approximate number of children diagnosed annually in Kenya, there’s a 20-30% survival rate. This is compared to 80% in developed countries. In contract, achild’s medical care is provided at a local hospital for an amazingly low annual amount of less than $60 per child.

Hygiene Products to Maasai Women and Girls of the Churches at Oltapese and Little


Girls across Africa are missing school because they don’t have the sanitary products or information to manage their period. In Kenya, the average girl misses at least 3 days of school per month. This can have serious consequences each month if they don’t have menstrual pads. Girls fall behind in school and sometimes drop out altogether. Many revert to using unsafe substitutes for sanitary pads. Imagine what this portion of their lives are like for several years of their lives, and the opportunities in life they miss because of this issue. The solution is to provide school age girls and childbearing women with a regular and safe supply of feminine hygiene products, that allows them to live modestly, and to go about their daily lives as any woman would want.

Virtual Bible Studies


Understanding Grace, God’s message to every believer, will supply what’s needed to empower people for change. Since we’ve had the blessing of connecting with the Maasai women, as we’re led by the Holy Spirit, we absolutely believe our mission is to share the Gospel of Grace with them. Beyond Salvation, what better message could we possibly share, especially acknowledging the impact of this message on our lives. As all believers because of their position in Christ, individually and collectively, we believe the Maasai women are called by God to impact their world in a unique and powerful way. We want to aid in the teaching and unleashing of this powerful truth to further propel these women into their destiny, ultimately fulfilling God’s purpose for them on this earth.