ZIMBABWE – Three Priority Projects
Following the establishment of the colonial government in 1923, a huge range of measures were applied that restricted African farming and supported the establishment of European agriculture. The marginalization of Africans over many years, and other factors, have caused a continual economic spiral of most African families in this area into deep poverty. The projects that we’ll support are targeted to improve the educational and economic well-being of families in this area.

Happy Days Group Of Schools Mvurwi Farm School


We visited Mvurwi Farm School, an Institution that was established in March 2017, by the wife of Anglican Bishop, Mrs Portia Gwedegwe. Mvurwi accommodates a total of 221 children, 50 of which are orphans. They also offer an Early Childhood Development program that accommodates more than 210 children up until grade 5, as well as 11 secondary students between forms 1-3. Due to the lack of finances, the 3 working teachers only receive $30 a month and there is no electricity or meals provided because of the lack in funding. However, this has not disheartened Mrs Gwedegwe, who is in the process of forming another school on a nearby farm, where she currently has 52 students. Her passion to educate is admirable.

Support 6 Disabled and/or Orphaned

Three children have been identified in this area in need of multiple kinds of support. Their ages are 2 to 12. The needs for two of the children are shown below, as an example of the type and financial amount of support needed for each.
Anotidaishe Tanga

Boy, disabled from birth.

Date of birth: March 22, 2019 – 2 years old
Father left the home when the child was born.
The single mother is unemployed and takes care of
the child with handouts from well wishers. The child has never received any medical attention.

Cost of food and support for a child USD $30 per

Ropafadzo Mushoshoma

Orphan, girl.

Date of birth: February 27, 2017 (4 years old)
Mother died in childbirth. She is being cared for by
her Aunt, who is facing difficulties since her
husband is very unhappy over the extra burden
imposed on his family. The child is old enough to start school but needs financial assistance.
Address: House 237, Mvurwi

Full School Uniform: USD $60
School Fees: USD $ 20 per term (4 months)
Food per month USD $30

Shantel Potai

Girl, who is wheelchair bound.

Attends school, in 3rd Grade. 8 years old
The father left the home when the disabled child was born. Has had some physiotherapy and medical attention at Mvurwi Hospital.
The single mother sells fruit as a vendor to support the child.

Monthly cost of food and support needed USD $30

Feeding program and other identified things


Immediate Needs

Additional Projects For School

  1. Nine hectares of land is available where a farming project could be started to grow the maize and vegetables for feeding the children. Bishop Ahomed is willing to provide the expertise, guidance and tractor to plough the land. The children would be taught as part of their agriculture school lessons and would gain valuable “hands on” experience on the farm. (awaiting quotation)
  2. A chicken project could be started at a cost of USD $200 to raise 100 chickens. This could be used as a fundraiser for the school.
  3. Sewing machines for teaching the children to sew and also to produce the school uniforms.