how to have all that is yours

If you want to have all that God has for you:
You are a child of God. If I am God’s child, then I am loved by Him. If you take on any other “classification” such as anything other than who God has created you to be, then you are putting yourself in a position to have less than what God has for you.

A loving father does not scold you or stand still when their child asks for something. A loving father simply provides–not because you earned it, not because you deserve it, but simply because he loves his child.

If you know who you are, then you can hear from your father and you are able to receive all that he has for you. You do not have to pick and choose from the classifications that the world offers

(male, female, she. he, they, them, black, white, hispanic, asian, indigenous, other, republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, vaxxer, anti-vaxxer, woke, or sleep). Classify yourself as a “kingdom kid”. If you decide to be a child of God, you do not have to compromise your beliefs, you simply follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If you do not believe who you are, then you do not believe that you deserve anything that God has provided for you.

For example:
Take into consideration the Hilton’s. Just because the Hilton family is rich does not mean that you yourself are rich. Your last name isn’t Hilton, so you have no inherited ties to that money. Just because you see that they are rich, it does not mean that it is yours. However, if Grandfather Hilton was your grandfather, then the inheritance changes. So, in turn, who you are and what your last name is suddenly changes your attitude as to what you have and what has been provided to you. If you don’t know that you share their last name, and if you don’t know who you are as a Hilton family member, then you would find yourself on the outside looking in.
Many people do not know who they are and their last name is provided by the blood of Jesus, so they find themselves on the outside looking into their inheritance as being a child of God. Some may believe that their last name is liar, thief, addicted, poor, cheater, or anything but a child of God. Grace has made your last name a child of God, therefore everything that God has for you, is already yours. You should not be afraid to ask, because it is already yours.
God will reveal his will and purpose to you so you may further understand what he has provided to you.
When something is set apart, it is set apart for a purpose. Before you were born, God wrote his name on you and promised that he had a purpose lined up for you. After you were born, that plan and purpose did not change. It does not matter where or who you came from, your gender, or your location. God’s plan remained the same for you, and with those plans, he counted the cost and already provided everything you need.
Ask yourself and evaluate your life:
Where is God? God is wherever there are results. Make a decision to stay with God in every part of your life (job, family, marriage, children, church, etc.). It is the enemy’s plan to isolate you from these areas through pride to get you away from God’s way. This pride is based on your own knowledge and experience based on what you can see.
Be careful of pride when things get hard, tough, begin to stretch you, or begin to call you to mature. When you find yourself in an impossible situation, this is where the supernatural will take over.
Be willing to say what God says to you:
  • About yourself
  • About others to them
  • Words of knowledge
  • Words of encouragement
  • Words of wisdom
Be careful not to be so focused on yourself that you miss the expression of God’s love that he wants to share with others through you.
What does God say to you about yourself?
  • You are a child of God
  • You are united with Christ
  • You are in authority on earth and in heaven
  • You are in righteousness with God right now because of Jesus
  • You are one who matters
  • You have a future and a hope that is good and comes from God
You are so much more than what you can see, but you will never be more than what you say. If it is in your heart, then so it will be. Therefore, you must guard your heart and your mind. Begin to confess God’s word over your life. It takes time for his word to take root, but as you cultivate it, then it will sprout. (Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.)
The Prodigal Son Story: Older Brother’s Perspective

The older brother became emotional when things did not go his way.

  • Do not allow yourself to be emotionally moved away from the things of God
  • Do not allow your personal plans to take you away from God’s plans
  • Do not allow your desires to take you away from God’s desires
  • Do not allow your ways of doing things to take you away from God’s way of doing things
  • Stay where the power is. The power is wherever the results are. Stay by God and do not operate in a sinful mindset (sinful mindset = a mind that operates absent of God’s word)
  • Do not look and compare with what others have and miss what God has for you

When you ask from God, you are not asking of anything that you do not already have. According to the Jewish law, the oldest son receives double the inheritance (Pars enitia = the privilege or portion of the land).

In the parable, the oldest brother did not receive (pars enitia), or what he deserved/earned. The father gave the oldest brother what he wanted to give to him -(haeresex asse= a sole heir or an heir to the whole estate) The oldest brother received all of his father’s possessions.

God supplies exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that you could ask for. You live in the above. The ascendant life.

Expand your thinking, that goes beyond what you’ve known, and into the flow of life that God has for you. God has a flow of life for you this year that is beyond every qualification and requirements that you thought you were going to have. He needs to put His children on display so His truth can be put on display.

Enter 2022 with your focus on the promises of God. As you set your goals for the year, your goals should be aligned with those promises. With these promises in mind, your mindset and your attitude are one that say, “It is already done.”